Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our 8th Anniversary

Yesterday we celebrated our eighth anniversary. We were pretty mellow. We rented Bride Wars and drank sparkling Cold Duck grape juice. Justin is still getting over his illness, so we just took it easy.

Here is a recap of our eight years.

Year one (2001-02): Lived in Rock Springs, Wyoming and attended Western Wyoming College. I graduated with my AA and Justin graduated with his second associates degree, his AFA. As one of the few married couples on campus, we were heralded as the cool kids and we were pretty popular. We kind of took a parental roll with the other kids - making dinners, hosting parties, etc. We got Katie this year, training her to use the litter box and hiding her from the authorities.

Year two (2002-03): Moved to Moscow, Idaho, to continue our education. We lived in a horrid basement apartment below a major weird family. There were so many building violations and the place was seriously disgusting. I hated it! Justin doesn't seem to think it was so bad, but it was a dungeon lined with mold. We had a lot of firsts. My first full-time job. My first time paying rent. First time with a car payment. First kidney stone and surgery. I loved my job at Harry Ritchies Jewelers which I loved and met some amazing people that I will NEVER forget - Walter Lokteff, Allison Jacobi, Kristina Ogden, Annette Douglas, and Angie Gruchalla. Justin got a job in a care facility working the the mentally disabled and that sparked his interest in the field he ultimately pursued in school. Oh, another first for me: it was the first time I hated school. I stopped going, got an F, and dropped out.

Year three (2003-04): Still in Moscow, we moved to another apartment that felt the Celestial Kingdom in comparison. It was a beautiful apartment and there are things about it I still miss. We enjoyed pretty good income with little bills. This was probably the wealthiest time in our lives (yet!) looking at our discretionary income. We first started trying to get pregnant. I still worked at the jewelry store. Justin had switched from a few different jobs and finallly landed a management position at Sam Goody.

Year four (2004-05): We decided it was time to be closer to family and we moved to Idaho Falls. Justin was still with Sam Goody and I stayed home for about six months and about went crazy. We lived in a run down apartment on 17th street that was so cold all the time. I got a job at Melaleuca and a promotion six weeks later. Justin graduated with his Bachelors in Psych and got a PSR job at his current company.

Year five (2005-06): We upgraded into a roomy apartment in Ammon in a fabulous neighborhood. There are still things I miss about that place - like our roomy kitchen, our huge bedroom, and the lovely views of Taylor Mountain. And the neighborhood was awesome! Went to Hawaii to visit my parents on their service mini-mission. Life continued...

Year six (2006-07): Time for a house! We moved to Shelley. Love the house and the area. Hate that there are no good pizza joints and our bedroom is so small to me. Got pets Piper and Gabby. Went back to school. Got promoted at work to technical writing. Justin started grad school. Went on our first cruise.

Year seven (2007-08): Promoted to a copy writer in Marketing at Melaleuca. Finished with my
Bachelor's Degree in Pscyh. Wrote my first novel. Still hoping for word from some of the agencies that are looking at it. Visited the folks in Hawaii again. Justin is a busy boy heading up the substance abuse program at work full-time and attending grad school full-time. Started fertility treatments.

Year eight (2008-09): Continued with fertility treatments but decided to pursue adoption simultaneously. Did our homestudy and got on the waiting list. Same old work stuff. Justin graduated with his Master's. Went on our second cruise. Had six months worth of crap when Justin fell asleep at the wheel and was wrongfully charged with a DUI. Months of legal hurdles, expenses, and lost wages. Matched with our birthfamily. Adopted Jocelyn.

And that brings us to now. It's been a wonderful eight years and I can't believe it has been that long! It feels like maybe 2 or 3. I wouldn't trade my time with Justin for anything in the world. He is the perfect partner for me for the rest of my life and the rest of eternity. I love you, Sweetheart.

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