Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rockin' and a Rollin'

Jocelyn rolled over from tummy to back on her own today. First time for that direction. Of course, the camera wasn't on. We'll try tomorrow to see if she'll do it for an audience.

She cried for the fourth time today. I was putting her in the Baby Bjorn and somehow her tummy got scratched. We didn't know this at first, we just thought she started crying out of the blue and I was concerned because, well, she isn't a crier. But later during a change we noticed the scratch. I feel bad about the scratch. A couple days ago I was playing with her on the floor and she was very alert and happy. I picked up my poodle's favorite dog toy because it has a bell in it and rattled it a bit because Joci liked the sound. Dumb idea. Katie came charging from across the room and ran over Joci's face to get the toy, leaving her with a scratch on her eyebrow and startling her quite a bit. I felt horrible. Worst mom ever. How could I be so stupid? Well, apparently, I'm going to do a lot of stupid things. Everyone has told me I will. Thanks for the vote of confidence. :)

Justin's pretty sick so I've been taking care of two babies for the past couple days. It's finally stopped raining and hopefully we can get our veggie garden planted this weekend.


Hays Family said...

We are all growing and learning and when it comes to child rearing the instructin manual (where ever that is) just doesn't seem to cover everything. That's why it is so wonderful when I hear of my children's mistakes so they might be a bit forgiving of my many mistakes. I know you will never throw shoes at your children. My mother never did either. Love you

JandK Manwaring Family said...

I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog! I've been wanting to contact you but couldn't remember your last name :) Congrats on your sweet baby. She is beautiful!

Miranda said...

I can't believe she is rolling over! Won't be the last scratches and you will feel that bad each time. I am waiting to plant my veggies also darnit!Hope Justin gets feeling better.


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