Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Video of Jocelyn Trying to Roll

Our little girl is six and a half weeks old now. She is just a joy. Today I put her down for some tummy time and she was holding her head so well that I grabbed the camera to snap a shot of it. When I got back with the camera, she was twisting her legs around so much I thought she might roll over. Not quite. I even left the camera on her for 10 minutes after this video while I got ready for the day (which basically entails donning my yoga pants and a baseball hat) thinking something might happen when I wasn't looking. Nope, not yet. But I would say she's pretty close!

(Kinda long...but you never know when they're gonna do their thing, so I kept it rolling for awhile. It might be boring for viewers who aren't grandparents, but about halfway through you can see her turn her head a couple times.)

1 comment:

Groff Family said...

If that'd been Audrey, she would have been screaming the entire time. She HATES tummy time. What a difference in temperament that our babies have! Yay for Jo-C.


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