Saturday, June 20, 2009

You Know You're in Hawaii When... (continued)

...sleeping in means waking up a 6 a.m. every day because of the time difference starting calling people "brah" and "cousin" natural wavy hair is starting to look like this:
...I am thinking of solving the problem by doing this:
...everyone greets you with a big smile and a big "Aloha!" eat breakfast at the same Hukilau Cafe that inspired "50 First Dates" (sidenote: waffles are not on their menu)'s always a balmy 80 degrees don't really care that the literary agency passed on your manuscript because you're in paradise
...your baby has to sleep in a drawer because you couldn't pack a crib stop at a malasada truck every time you see one
...your mom makes you cut her hair because it's growing like crazy in the humidity
...the surf on the beach is so big (6+ waves) you can't get in the water unless you're a Polynesian surfing maniac (hello North Shore) start saying "yeah, yeah" after everything're brave and eat poke, poi, and lomi-lomi salmon put EVERYTHING in zip lock bags because the cockroaches can't break in (forks, toothbrushes, hair brushes, gum, baby formula, items in the fridge, etc.)
...the air constantly smells sweet like it's been perfumed by flowers no matter where you are


The Sommer Family said...

Congrats on baby Joci! We are so happy for you two, enjoy it! My best advice would be forget cleaning...just sleep and enjoy her!

Miranda said...

That all sounds awful....or maybe I am just a teeny bit jealous. Actually sounds like paradise to me!

Maria said...

Wow, I don't think I could be further from paradise right now, starving in a hospital room, typing through contractions, while thinking of you on a warm beach in paradise! Will you go eat a Puka dog for me? By far one of the best foods I had while there. I want a picture for proof! :) Wishin' I was with you!


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