Thursday, July 2, 2009

50 Goals and Accomplishments

My dear friend Meagan posted about making a list of 50 goals and accomplishments in life. I thought that was a fun idea. And besides, my mom is nagging me to have a "life plan/timeline." While I am against the rigid structure of a timeline, I'm not against setting goals and acknowledging my accomplishments. Here goes:


  1. Go to the opera

  2. Have a food fight

  3. Ride in a hot air balloon

  4. See the Egyptian pyramids

  5. Ride a gondola in Venice

  6. Have a novel published

  7. Go to New York City

  8. Learn to saddle and ride a horse all by myself

  9. Become fluent in another language

  10. Have no credit card debt

  11. Have 3 months salary in savings

  12. Have some form of residual income (preferably royalties from a best selling book!)

  13. Learn to can food

  14. Make a quilt

  15. Be present at a birth

  16. See the northern lights

  17. Learn about ancestral cultures and integrate their customs into my life

  18. Record a song

  19. Learn to ice skate

  20. Run a half marathon

  21. Spend the night in a castle

  22. Fit into my wedding dress again and have portraits taken

  23. Go on a safari

  24. Plant a tree

  25. Build a treehouse

  26. Solve a Rubik's Cube

  27. Learn to play the guitar

  28. Identify seven constellations


  29. Be a mother

  30. Adopt a child

  31. Donate blood

  32. Write a novel

  33. Get a Bachelor's degree

  34. Be a paid writer

  35. See Chichen Itza

  36. Learn to paint and display the art

  37. Cook well

  38. Kiss someone in the rain

  39. Sing karaoke

  40. Regularly donate to a charity

  41. Catch, cook, and eat a fish

  42. Get married

  43. Own a house

  44. Grow food in a garden

  45. Learn to shoot a a rifle and a handgun

  46. Skinny dip

  47. Take a pilates class

  48. Ride a train

  49. Visit Rome

  50. Be in a play/musical

1 comment:

Hays Family said...

Look at all of your accomplishments. I want to be you. good luck on your future adventures. It will be fun to see how many of them you end up doing.


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