Saturday, July 18, 2009

Free Weekend at Yellowstone

If you like free stuff...and you're reading this before your Sunday is over...and you have no plans for the rest of Sunday...go to Yellowstone Park because it's free this weekend.

We found this out by a happy accident. We met up with Justin's parents and grandmother in Yellowstone for a picnic and a day of fun. We had such a good time we think we'll actually go back tomorrow because, hey, free fun!

Here are some pics from today:

Hanging out in West Yellowstone, Montana, in a park. An actual grass and jungle-gym park, not the bears and trees and geysers park. :) (also, what do you think of the dark hair?)

We had a picinic in West Yellowstone: Justin, Grandma, Joci, Great-Grandma, and Grandpa.

Grandma was very possesive of her time with her grandbaby.

Grandma bought Joci this cute Yellowstone onesie. Too bad she can't wear it for a few more months or else I would put her in it tomorrow.

Great-grandma playing with Joci

Justin, Joci, and Grandpa

the very rare Yellowstone big horned beetle on our windshield

Joci at the paint pots area

a geyser at the paint pots area

This water is so blue because it's over 170 degrees - too hot for any algae or bacteria to grow in it.

After a long day, Joci just wanted to cuddle. Awwww...I love that.


Liz Smith said...

FUN!!! ive always wanted to go to Yellowstone. someday. oh, and i really like the dark hair. :D

mom2jjk said...

We honeymooned in Yellowstone and without planning to we visited Yellowstone with each pregnancy! I think my hubby would live there if he could. LOL

Kristen Mackrory said...

What a beautiful baby!! I am so jealous that you got to spend 2 days in Yellowstone. That is one thing that we definitely miss. Your hair looks cute too. I like it dark.

We'll pray for that poor little 2 year old. What a difficult thing.

Kristen Mackrory said...

Oh, and we got your gorgeous announcement. Where did you get those made? They are beautiful. I guess it helps that the subjects are so cute as well! :)

Hays Family said...

You will always be a blonde to me although you are beautiful in any shade of hair.


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