Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Birthday, America!

Stephanie, Jeff, and their kids came up to spend Independence Day with us and Jordan and Cindy and Afton. We had a lot of fun with everyone. Ellie loves Jocelyn. She would hold her for hours straight and she is very good at taking care of a little baby. She never got bored of holding her.

Friday we went to Blacktail Park. Jordan took his boat up there and went fishing with Afton in the morning. They caught three fish. Justin and I and Fredericks arrived aroun noon and we had lunch and watched the kids (and Shiloh the dog) play in the water. We played a fun game of truth or dare and Jessica loved daring everyone to run to a tree and shout "I'm a monkey!" three times. A fast moving thunder storm blew us away and we were hit by rain.

It sure was green and the water was high.

Mason was the bug man. He found this huge beetle. Earlier a butterfly landed on his hand and he walked around with it for a couple minutes.

Justin found a comfy spot to take a nap.

Actually, he dozed in this chair with Jocelyn.

Jessica dancing. This was one of her dares.

Jonah with a Twizzler mustache.

Afton, Ellie, Jocelyn, Jonah, and Mason. Jessica was playing in the water.

Ellie held Jocelyn all afternoon. We had to really convince her to put the baby down and go on the boat once.

Saturday morning, we went to the parade. Justin and I went to Reed's Dairy for ice cream afterwards. Then we had a barbeque at my place and almost got rained out. We moved the grill into the garage and the girls put on their bathing suits and ran in the rain and jumped in the gutters. When life gives you in the rain! Jordan brought over his dry ice and his "cannon" for more homemade explosives. After only three dry ice bombs, Jordan and Justin blew themselves up. Justin was just surprised but Jordan's hand was cut up pretty good. It was a little more short-lived than last year. :)

Miss Independent

Waiting for the parade to start

You're a grand ol' flag...

Jonah in a tree watching the parade.

Afton and Ellie

Then we went to the fireworks. Jordan is friends with someone who owns a house on the river right across from where the fireworks are lit. The show was VERY LOUD, VERY LARGE, and VERY EXCITING! A little bit dirty too! We got showered with bits of ash and the occassional piece of firework debris. Mason and Ellie kept their heads under a blanket most of the time. Afton wore her sunglasses and Jordan's hunting ear protection, so she was prepared. We put cotton in Joci's ears. She is just like her mom though! She loved the fireworks. The loud noises and vibrations made her smile and she liked watching the lights. It was a good weekend. Thanks for the memories, Jordan and Stephanie!

Here are some recent cute pictures:
Katie wasn't sure if she liked to be swaddled.

Katie curled up on the bouncy chair.

Jocelyn's brand new "toy" poodle.

The dogs love all the baby blankets laying around.

Jocelyn dressed up for church. Justin picked out this dress when we learned we were getting a baby girl.


Liz Smith said...

i love her red/white/blue outfit and bow!! cute!! i love the 4th of july. :)

Kristen Mackrory said...

I miss Reed's Dairy! I want Maple Nut ice cream.

I love her darling Americana outfit as well as Justin's napping spot. LOL. It looks like you had a great time!

Frederick Family said...

Thanks for a fun weekend. Sorry I was so uninvolved, but thanks for everything. I love Joci's beautiful dress, Justin did a good job.


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