Thursday, July 23, 2009

Naming My Novel

Dear Readers,

Help! I need your input on what to name my novel. I haven’t landed on anything I absolutely love or that I feel truly represents the story. Here is the description of the book—possibly what would be printed on the back:

For seventeen-year-old Tessa Monroe, surviving the hurricane that destroyed her ship and killed her father was only the first step in staying alive. Now an unwilling captive on the ship that rescued her, Tessa joins forces with Nicholas Holladay—a charismatic sailor with uncertain loyalties—to fight for a future that may not exist anymore.

When I ask an agent for representation, they read this and see the title of the work and pretty much base their decision on that. So the book’s name needs to be catchy, compelling, and accurate. I’m not sure if the title I was using before was catchy or compelling.

Now, for a little inside info that may help you help me. This book is set in the Spanish Main during the Golden Age of Piracy (specifically the early 1700’s). Tessa is from a wealthy British family. Nicholas is an outlaw. We have a lot of ships, swordfights, swashbuckling, clandestine kisses, star-crossed passion, bad guys, and bravery. I classify my book as a commercial young adult novel with elements of romance, adventure, and historical fiction. It is narrated by our heroine Tessa.

I think it’s important for the title to allude to romance and the ocean/Spanish Main/piracy aspect. But I don’t want it to sound like a Harlequin romance novel—you know, the kind with the half-naked man on the cover with long, flowing hair and perfectly shaped nipples.

I created a poll on the right with some titles I am considering. Just by title alone, what book would you pick up? Is there a title that jumps out at you as being the most compelling? Is there a title that tells you that this book is going to be romantic, fun, and full of adventure? Please vote and also leave any comments with suggestions.


Whitney said...

You could always throw a Spanish word in the title. It would be relevant and appeal to a diverse crowd. Something like... "Tessa and the Huracan." or "Tessa Huracan." (Hurracaine or impetuous person.) There's also "Tessa Tormenta." (Storm/Turmoil) But Oceanswept is pretty cool too.

Lara said...

I like the idea of adding something Spanish to the title. Thanks for the suggestion!


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