Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Night of Power Ballads

I was tired last night. It was midnight and I was tired. I finished my daily writing goal and was getting all nestled into my bed. Justin was on his side of the bed with his laptop, downloading his favorite Air Supply album - one that, until recently, was not available on anything but an LP. He then had to share his favorite Air Supply song with me (I Can't Go On). I then sang mine (Making Love Out of Nothing At All). He shut his laptop down and we laid there in the dark and we started singing another great Air Supply song, I'm All Out of Love. Oh, that's a good one. That one got everyone born after 1970 through a breakup.

Oh, songs that got us through breakups...

All By Myself by Celine Dion
You're a Hard Habit to Break by Chicago
Hard to Say I'm Sorry by Chicago

Oh, Chicago songs! I had their album. I snuck it into girls camp and played it on my walkman and reveled in my unrequited love for...I'm not gonna say who.

And Chicago led us to Peter Cetera...
Glory of Love
Next Time I Fall
After All
I Wanna Take Forever Tonight

Ah, the power ballads...

And then I told Justin about Tape Number Four.
Growing up, our video tapes were numbered. Tape Number Four had recorded several hours of MTV in the eighties. And oh those videos! We loved them! Julie and I memorized the "dance moves" on Robert Palmer's addicted to love. Stephanie watched "Love of a Lifetime" over and over and over again (something must have been going on that I was too young to pick up on then). And Kokomo...with John Stamos...that pink tank top. That heartbreaking smile. Oh, how I wished I were those bongos.

So at 3 a.m. I broke out my laptop and we looked up some of these videos. And my favorite MJ video which was SO COOL when it came out because of the computer effects. (These videos won't imbed. Follow the links.)

I dedicate this one to Stephanie Glenn Maderios "A Long and Lasting Love."

I dedicate this one to Julie. Remember how we'd try to pause it when Mr. Stamos smiled?

And I dedicate this one to the memory of the King of Pop:

We had a fun, silly night singing power ballads until 3 a.m. Justin and I are still like crazy lovesick school kids and it's the best!

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Groff Family said...

Awww, thanks for the dedication! I so wish that Aaron had some sense of 80's music style, but alas, he has written it off as garbage and I will never get to sing ballads with him. Do me a favor though, when you have a little baby you can't afford to stay up until 3 a.m. Don't do that again! J/K, it sounds like you had a fun night with your hubby. Was Jo-C in the room with you? Did you wake her with the singing of your ballads?


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