Sunday, August 2, 2009

Camping, Haircut, and More

Last week I got a haircut. Lost about 6 inches. Still getting used to it. Somedays I like it. Somedays I miss my long hair.

We went camping this past weekend at my favorite campsite, Riverside Campground, just south of Island Park. I swear we got one of the few campsites that had no shade, despite being surrounded by trees. They just weren't at the right angle. We were hot during the day and freezing at night. We went to Mesa falls. We had yummy tinfoil dinner, banana boats, and a hotdog roast.

exploring the campground

At Mesa Falls

Lower Mesa Falls in the background

Upper Mesa Falls

At the Mesa Falls visitors center. Joci is sitting on a beaver pelt.

The Mesa Falls visitors center

"The Wishing Spot" from my childhood at Riverside

At the Henry's Fork of the Snake River

Among the wildflowers in our campground

Bad lighting, but Joci's in the hiking backpack

Snoozing in the trailer: Piper and Joci

Breakfast in the trailer

Around the fire


Linds said...

Your hair looks great!

Whitney said...

looks totally fun! Adam's parents used to have a cabin up in Island Park. It's such a beautiful area to hike around. How nice that you have a trailer!

Hays Family said...

Wow, your hair looks exotic. I do like the cut but what a big change for you. You are beautiful with brown or blonde hair.

I recognize that trailer & camp ground. We're just a little jealous that you get to be there and we don't.


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