Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Carnival Prizes

When I picked up Joci from daycare today there were a couple of toys with her stuff. I thought they were someone else's, but no. The daycare providers told me they were the toys she won at their carnival today. I didn't ask.

But I think I will.

Seriously...how does a 4 month old win prizes at an outdoor carnival with a big jump jump and face painting?

Jocelyn won a toy alligator and a beach ball. Good job, whatever you did!

Also, we went to JCPenney's today for some portraits. The good news is there were no melt downs, no spit ups, no blow out diapers...but there were no smiles either. We did get some cute shots though and we had a coupon so it was really affordable. We'll be back in another month or so and hope for more smiles then.


Liz Smith said...

they prolly just gave her stuff for looking so dang cute! they simply couldnt resist! :D

The Gotch Family said...

The daycare does such a good job at involving the babies in all of the activities. I just love that my kids can go there. She is getting big so fast, I can't believe it.

Linds said...

I'm with you that baby carnival prizes are weird . . . maybe they could have called them freebies?


We get pics. done at Penney's too. I think they do a great job.I hope your's turn out how you like them, I'm sure they will with a sweetie pie like that!

mrs. r said...

a. she is delicious.

b. yes, i am for hire to take pix. email me! :)

Jess,Von, and Samantha Higgs said...

Wow her eyes are so pretty! That is pretty awesome that your 4 month old is already winning prizes! Dude I love the baby smack down pics! That is so funny!


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