Monday, August 10, 2009

Cryptic Tonsils

I am 99.99% sure I have cryptic tonsils. I have been putting off going to the doctor mainly because I'm a little broke when it comes to money and paid time off and I am fairly certain that I will need a tonsilectomy, which I hear takes an adult about ten days to two weeks to recover from - plus a night in the hospital. Yuck. I keep putting off going to the doctor. Sore throats and inflamed tonsils aren't that horrible, right? But they're getting worse. Today I noticed that any time they get a sudden blood supply - like when I bend down or blow my nose - I feel like the back of my throat is literally going to explode. It's a weird feeling. Not exactly painful, but it just feel bad. Like illness all inside. I think I'll call the doc tomorrow. Maybe we can try a round of antibiotics before resorting to surgery.

I used to be kinda proud that I still have my tonsils. Not many adults do. Now I wish they'd been taken out when I was a kid and it only took a couple days to recover. Do you still have your tonsils? Has anyone had an adult tonsilectomy? How was it?


Liz Smith said...

i still have mine! :P one of my friends on the other hand, had the same problems and she just got them out. she says the surgery was fine, but the recovery has been awful. i think she stayed home for an entire week after she got them out. definitely not fun. good luck with whatever you decide to do!

Liz Smith said...

haha...and what a coincidence, i checked her blog right after i looked at yours and she wrote about her surgery. since her blog is private, i'll copy and paste it to you in a facebook message so you can read her experience and decide if you want to do it. :)

Frederick Family said...

I still have mine. I think Mason needs his out and maybe Jonah. As soon as we have insurance we will be looking into it. Jonah's are cryptic, we sometimes dig out the white chunks out of his tonsils, Mason's are constantly huge. Call me about tonsil removal. Jeff had his done a few years ago, a new procedure was used and was back to work by day 5 or 6 after the surgery and no nights in the hospital.

Groff Family said...

I have cryptic tonsils as well and I also get those nasty tonsil stones. I have this for a few years, but due to being pregnant and/or nursing for the last however many years, a surgery has been out of the question. I wish that it had happened before I had kids when I could be laid up for a while. Who knows when I'll be able to do it, but having a tonsilectomy is on my list of things to do.

Beckie said...

I still have my tonsils- -but my friend Bubba had his out last year-- he was gone from work for 4 days-- he said that everyone warned him it would be terrible -- and seriously Bubba is his name not cuz he's super tough-- (he's kind of a baby!) He did fine with it-i think it just depends on you! But no one wants sore throats all the time ick!


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