Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Am a Writer - I Promise!

Here is one of the articles I wrote in June that has been published on Melaleuca's blog. See? I really do write for a living. Check it out!

The Crimson Stain by Lara Hays

P.S. And, yes, Sol-U-Mel really is that amazing. It's saved our bacon many a time.


Meagan Spaulding said...

Wow, like the new packaging. Much better than the old stuff. And ahhhh... I was missing the Melaleuca Marketing Department. What a great fix, and yes you are a splendid writer!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lara,
When you come to Cody, bring a book of your products. Your writing makes me want to have some of this stuff. Great touch with the story.


Hays Family said...

Lara, I just read your creative marketing writing and want to tell you how talented you are. Great Work! sorry to be so late in this reply.


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