Friday, August 7, 2009

Jocelyn's New Trick

We've got a rollin' baby on our hands!

She rolled over once in May, just a weird fluke. Lately she's made it to her side a lot. We went to the pediatrician yesterday because Jocelyn has been congested for a couple weeks. By the way, she's 12 pounds 9 ounces. She started rolling on the exam table. She rolled five times there. The doctor even had a hard time listening to her heart beat because she wouldn't stay on her back.

Back at home, I broke out the camera and laid her down and...she couldn't do it. Her arm would get stuck. She'd get so frustrated and just yell. I tried different surfaces to try to mimic the exam table - our leather couches, the kitchen counter, different carpets. Still nothing.

So, then it was bed time. We had Joci in her jammies and she was sleeping on her back on the floor and Justin and I were watching television. Then in her sleep, she started rolling over. She'd fall asleep mid-roll. It cracked us up. And then, she did it. In her sleep! We were laughing so hard. She did it a couple times and we finally got a video of it.

She didn't forget over night and she was rolling this morning. She didn't show off at daycare, but she was doing it again at home. She's gotten very quick at it. When I was changing her diaper this evening she rolled over three times. When I grabbed a wipe, I turned back and she was on her tummy. Then when I opened the baby powder bottle. And again when I was spreading open the clean diaper. Justin and I were just laughing so hard to see this tiny baby with a nakey bum rolling faster than I could grab a diaper.

I'm so excited for her, especially after seeing her try so hard, but I know it won't be long until she's scooting around and it's a little bittersweet. It's hard to see my girl grow up so fast. It's a good thing that each milestone is so exciting and such an achievement or else I would just bawl. How do you (or did you) deal with these milestones? Happy? Sad? Tears? Bragging?

Here she is rolling while she's half asleep.

The next morning she still remembered her new trick!


mom2jjk said...

What a cutie! They grow and change so fast!

To make Justin's B-Day cake I used the Wilton ball cake pan for the golf ball and a large round frying pan with high sides for the ring around the outside. I covered the ball with white fondant then used a pencil eraser for the divets. The ring is covered first with chocolate frosting and then the top part is just green butter cream frosting. It really was quite easy to do but it looks so cool!

Groff Family said...

So cute. Too funny that she does it in her sleep. I can't believe that she just falls asleep on the floor like that. Neither of my babies would do that.

I had a hard time with the milestones when Camden hit them because it was going to fast for me. I really had a hard time with giving him solids because it meant that I wasn't his whole world anymore.

With Audrey I just shake my head at how fast the time is going. I am not as sad as I was with Camden, maybe because I've been through it once before. But I do wish they would slow down a bit!

Maybe that's why I am reluctant to push Camden to give up the binky & blanky, potty train him, and get him into a big bed. As long as he doesn't do any of those things then he is still some semblance of my little baby.

Hays Family said...

Jocie is so cute and I thank you sending the videos of all of her achievements. I feel that I'm missing so much so appreciate your blog entries.

It was always exciting with each milestone my babies reached. I loved watching them grow and yet wanted them to slow down and stay my baby a little longer. I guess because I loved all of their antics I had 5 babies to enjoy it all over again. I needed to be reminded about "teenagers" didn't I?

Lara said...

It's sad that our far-away loved ones miss out on so much, but I think blogs are so neat because we can share all this stuff. I guess it's the next best thing.


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