Sunday, September 13, 2009


We have an intern at work, Ben, who is from Bristol, England. I've been chatting with him for the past couple days and it's always fun to see the things that are familiar to us through someone else's eyes. In this case, it's my country.

In remembrance of the attacks September 11, 2001, and the patriotism I have for this great nation, here are some things I am grateful for...things that have been on my mind lately (or brought to my attention for the first time) because of my conversations with our foreign intern.
  • Affordable gasoline
  • Wide open spaces
  • Two car garages
  • Houses larger than 1200 square feet
  • Large amounts of food at a restaurant for under $7
  • Meat with every meal
  • The state fair
  • The right to own guns
  • Low taxes (in comparison to many nations)
  • Big cars and trucks
  • Bottomless french fries
  • Cheap electricty/heat
  • Bottled water for under $1
  • Casual wear (i.e. yoga pants)
  • Patriotism
  • Flags on all government buildings and many businesses and homes
There is a political movement called the September 12 Project. Inspired by the unity in the government on September 12, 2001, it's a call to action for our government to act that way again. No fighting with opposing parties, but pulling together for the common good. I decided to start my own September 12 project. It's not politically geared, but it is inspired by the unity we all felt on that day. I looked for ways to serve my neighbors and friends. I attempted to donate blood this week (something I did on September 12, 2001). But my iron count was too low. But at least I tried. I volunteered at a church social event today, donating time, talent, and supplies to many friends and neighbors. This serving and oustretching of my hand is something I plan to continue on every September 12 from now on. Please consider doing the same. And even though that specific date has passed, feel free to keep the love flowing!

God Bless America!

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