Monday, September 14, 2009

Labor Day in Cody

Over Labor Day weekend we took Jocelyn to Cody, Wyoming, where Justin is from. It was her first trip there. We hadn't made it a priority because we'd already seen Grandma and Grandpa Z several times during the summer, but the long weekend was a perfect opportunity to make the drive. And let me say that our little Miss is getting more opinionated about long trips in her car seat. I seriously want to travel as little as possible from here on out. :)

Joci started holding her smaller bottles by herself.

Jerry had to show off his granddaughter at his favorite restaurant, Granny's
Justin worked late on Friday, so we left at 7:30 p.m. to make the six hour drive. Driving through Yellowstone Park at night is something else. The lack of traffic was nice. We had a full moon and gauzy clouds and the moonlight highlighted all the steam from the geysers. It felt like a Halloween land. Creepy but neat. We saw a coyote and a deer, and that was all.

The weekend was pretty chill. We played games, went shopping, went to Old Town (a collection of wild west cabins reassembled in one place in Cody), drove through the mountains to see big horn sheep (they never made an appearance), and ate our first buffalo steak (delish!). We had a great time.

Beautiful drive through the mountains

Old Town

An old saloon

On a saddle with a very old moose looking on.

A horse-drawn hearse

Heart Mountain in the background

In the house where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid planned the robbery of Red Lodge

Grave of Jeremiah Johnson

Feeding the baby outside of Butch Cassidy's place

Old Town
Here are some random pictures from August.

Melaleuca night at the Idaho Falls Chukars baseball game

Watching TV with Dad

At the Eastern Idaho State Fair. The turkey leg was as big as Joci! So yummy!

A horse

She liked this miniature horse

And some ponies

Wearing a dolly's bonnet


Jamie Boyd said...

Joci looks huge! How long have I been gone?

Liz Smith said...

she's growing so fast! looks like a great trip. i really enjoyed the turkey leg picture. :)


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