Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lara and The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

good book. rotten experience.

One of those days. One of those weeks, really.

Late. As usual.

Forgot to wash my hair.

Hate my hair. Hate this haircut. Hate that it’s dirty and I forgot to wash it.

Hate that I haven’t shaved my legs in a week.

Hate that I can’t walk three feet without stepping on something.

Hate that my house looks like it should be on TLC’s Clean Sweep.

Hate that my brain feels like it should be on TLC’s Clean Sweep .

Hate that all my pants are the wrong length (I’m short—so my pants are always too long and then I have a tendency to hem them too short)

Hate that the front blinkers in my car don’t work

Hate that I’m out of wiper fluid and can’t clean the bugs off my windshield

Hate that I’m always exhausted

Hate that my rearview mirror broke off my car and I seem to almost cause a major accident at least twice a day

Hate the food I eat

Hate the bills rolling in

Hate that I only have one pair of black heels to wear to work and they are so worn out that it’s embarrassing

Hate shoe shopping

Hate the mood I’m in

Misery loves company. Want to join my pity party?

p.s. I think I'll move to Australia

p.p.s. Check out my new blog


Liz Smith said...

sorry youve had a bad day/week. if it makes you feel any better i've been sick all week and am ready to put myself out of my misery. on a happier note, you always look beautiful even though you hate your hair. as for the jean thing, go get yourself some fun boots that you can tuck your jean legs in, then it doesnt matter how short they are. i recommend uggs or cheaper brand if theyre too expensive. theyre worth it, and you wont want to wear anything else come winter. :D

Woods: said...

I'm sorry it's been a no good terrible horrible bad day! That's lame! I do love that book, but hate feeling like it.
Good thing you've got sweet Jocelyn!

Melissa Giles said...

Hey, I kind of felt that way a couple hours ago. Then I took a nap. That always seems to make things better. Just remember, you've got plenty of people who love you and your smiling face. You have a beautiful daughter. Who cares if the house is a mess. You can clean it when you feel better. My best remedy for a bad day... take a nap for an hour (if you can't do that just relax and watch a movie to get away from your life for a few hours.) Listen to some uplifting music, read your journal and/or a quote book if you have one, give someone a hug, think positively; walk around the house and name all the things you are grateful you have (including family etc., call a friend and vent, go for a bike ride, eat some ice cream, and last but definitely not least; pray and read your scriptures. If those don't do it, go to bed early and getting a good nights rest you feel better tomorrow. If you need some time to yourself... call me and I'll babysit :)

Frederick Family said...

I would join your pitty party but my hubby and kids would officially kick me out and tell me to stay at work permanently. Sometimes I am just hanging on by a thread before I completely crack!!!! I want to feel happy and I'm looking forward to a good time this weekend so hang in there and get cheery. Love you!!!!

The Gotch Family said...

Sounds like my day, so I'll join the party. Alex has had and still has a temp of 103+ since I picked him up from Daycare Wed...Took him to the Dr this afternoon but of course no one knows (or cares?) whats wrong...crappy day.


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