Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Commute

I "commute" to work. Really I do. I live in one town. I work in another. I can't help it if it's a great commute. I love my "commute." It takes me 7 to 10 minutes depending on traffic. (And by traffic, I mean slowpoke tractors and combines. Oh, and the stoplight. Yep. One - count 'em - one stoplight.)

I drive about 5 miles down Highway 26. I am surrounded by wheat fields on both sides. In the spring and early summer, they are gloriously green. Late summer they turn amber. Right now the wheat has been harvested and square bales of hay that look like Shredded Wheat biscuits dot the fields. On a clear day, I can see the Grand Teton. Just the tip of it, very small in the distance. But I never ceased to be amazed that I can see that magnificent mountain from my "commute."

I have a goat friend - although occassionally it's a llama friend - that's tethered to a post off the shoulder of the road. He just munches on the grasses. It's always fun to see him. Train tracks run alongside the highway and sometimes in the morning, I'm racing along with a train and the rising sun plays peek-a-boo between the train's cars.

This time of year, the way the earth is tilting, we still get plenty of daylight here in Idaho, but the sun is never directly overhead, it's always a bit angled. And it makes everything golden. All day. But especially during the mornings and the evenings...during my commute. And with the amber wheat fields, the mist of the sprinklers, and the sunshine, the orange sky looks just like a painting.

I love it.

Love it.

What's your commute like?


Stefanie Sayre said...

hey that sounds like my commute! haha that's because it is. : ) I agree though; it's a gorgeous time of year, and you can't beat the distance to work!

Boyds said...

Wow... I've driven that exact road and only you could make it sound that incredible :)
Want to hear about my commute? I wake up to Jackson jabbering so I take the long journey out of my bedroom door, about 2 feet down the hallway to Jackson's door, walk into his room, and get him out of his crib. We have a chat about how he slept while I change his diaper. He thinks its funny if I make a stinky face and act disgusted when I first open the diaper. Then we take the long journey to the kitchen. We open up the blinds to get some natural light and enjoy how green the view is, and we find us some breakfast. I tell Jackson about anything, recently it's been the book I'm reading "The Lost Symbol". He doesn't understand most of the words I say, but he always giggles at the right time anyway. After breakfast, we make the long commute to the toy bin and get started with our day. It's not as magical as your commute, but I like it anyway :)

Jessica said...

First off...I'm jealous. I miss Idaho. I miss it. Really. I do.

Second of all, my commute is lame. Provo. Lame. Although I do pass through approximately 5 round-abouts...that's fun. Round-abouts are fun. Then I fight for a parking spot in the grad lot...hoping that that little African didn't drive his car today (this is a Jared M reference if you didn't catch that...and I think he likes to be called the little African!) And then I walk to the Eyring building...which for the most part is lame, although there is one cool part...where i walk directly towards the mountains...and the sun is just peaking over them...mmm...I like that part.

That's all. And I miss Idaho.

Cayde and Brianna Taylor Family said...

Gorgeous! You are lucky to have such a beautiful view. Cayde's commute is not near as pretty. And way to many stop lights.:)


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