Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Anonymous Ideas

Remember how I said I wanted to go a little more anonymouse with my blog? I have some ideas here. I'm not planning on coming up with nicknames or euphemisms for us, but mostly I just want to get our last name off our blog.

So I need to change the URL of my blog. Here are three ideas (I've already saved the domain names, so any of they are available to me) and a little bit about them.

1.) Pocket Full of Prose
I liked the play on "pocket full of posies" and the reference to writing. It has a great ring to it and as a writer, it speaks to me the most.

2.) The Z Experiment
The Z for our last name. Experiment because that's what life is.

3.) The Fun Unknown
A reference to the unknown things that happen in life. Also last week when we were at the lawyer's office getting our petition to finalize ready, I was filling out some paperwork and had to check a box that said Yes, No, or Unknown. The questions were in legalese, but some I understood. I asked Justin on one and he didn't know what it was asking either, so he said, "Why don't you check the fun unknown box." It was cute how he said it. And it can be applied to life.

So there are the three options I have now. Vote on the right or leave me a comment with any other suggestions.

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