Sunday, October 4, 2009

Joci Eats Cereal

After a couple weeks of a baby no longer sleeping through the night because of hunger, and after about amonth of intent staring at us while we ate, and after the okay from her pediatrician, we gave Joci her first few bites of rice cereal today.

As expected, the first few bites came right back out. I decided to show her how it's done. Bad idea. So gross! I gagged and made yucky faces. I'm glad she likes it, I could never eat the stuff - formula is so nasty! After a few bites, Joci began figuring it out. We probably only fed her ten spoonfuls and probably four of them were swallowed. She opened her mouth wide and grabbed the spoon to help guide it to her mouth. She definitely gets the idea. 

 Good job Joci, you're getting so big!


Jessica said...

Those cheeks! I just want to squeeze them!

Liz Smith said...

that's awesome. she's so dang cute!

good luck with your hair appt btw. im torn between all the hair styles on the left. i think i still prefer a darker brown, but then again im prolly biased against that hair color. :P have you checked out instyle's makeover website??? if not, you totally may help give you an idea of what you would look like. here's the link:

Liz Smith said...

i meant to say im biased FOR that color. haha...sorry bout the typo. :)

Jamie Boyd said...

How is she old enough for cereal already? Oh my gosh! She's adorable. I miss her (and you). We used to give Jackson the cinnamon apple flavored rice cereal. It smells yummy so I always felt less guilty about feeding him something yucky. They have it at Walmart and I'm sure lots of other places.

Stefanie Sayre said...

so cute! i love that you actually tried the cereal out. you are too funny!


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