Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Once a Dad, Always a Dad

I got a call last night around 10:30 pm from my dad. "There's a cold front moving in your way that will hit about midnight. I'm just calling to remind you to detach your hoses from your house. You don't want them freezing and bursting the pipes in your house."

Here's the thing....

I've been a home owner for nearly four years.

And another thing...this is so Dad.

Recently Justin made a comment that he wondered if my dad thought he was inept at stuff because my dad would always give reminders and instructions on how to do stuff. I had to laugh because I never thought how it would feel to someone who didn't grow up with the constant thoroughness of my father. All of us kids joke about the "Dad Speech" we get anytime we're going to drive somewhere. We all have it memorized. In fact, we usually thwart the speech with this one of our own. "Yes, I'll remember to check the oil and tire pressure. I'll watch for deer around Malad. I'll be careful of black ice, especially in shady spots and on the north sides of bridges. And I'll call when I get there."

I've been driving for over a dozen years. I'm a married woman with a child. And my dad still reminds me to watch for deer and black ice. It's one of his ways of saying, "I love you."

One time as teenagers (or kids in their twenties) my siblings and I wrote a tongue-in-cheek letter to Santa which we left by the cookies. In it we explained to Santa how to properly open and close a door when others are sleeping so as not to make noise. We instructed him to wipe his feet on the mat and clean up any reindeer souvenirs. We even told him if he needed to use the bathroom to not flush if it was between 2 and 4 a.m. because the water softener would be running. Basically, it was all the advice our father had drilled into our heads over the years. The joke was taken well and Santa didn't even mess up the water softener schedule.

In a way, it's kind of silly that my dad would call to tell me to check my hoses. But again, it's one of his ways of saying, "I love you, Lara." Think about it. My father, who lives over five hundred miles away in southern Utah, was checking the weather where his daughter lived. He saw there would be a cold front and thought about the time of year. Mid-autumn. Without any major cold weather yet, he knew the odds of me having my hoses still attached to my home were high. And he knew that could lead to burst pipes. flooding, major expenses, and headaches. And so he thought to call with that little reminder. It really brings a lump to my throat.

Like I told Justin, my dad doesn't say these things because he thinks we're inept. It's one of his many, many ways of showing how much he thinks about us all and loves us. And, Dad, I love you, too.

And truth be known....my hoses actually were still attached.


Liz Smith said...

that's awesome, what a good dad. :) now im wondering if my hose is still attached....

Groff Family said...

Awww, how sweet. Don't forget that your supposed to check your rear view mirrors every 20 seconds, know how to get to higher ground in case of a tsunami, and lock your sliding glass door with a dowel rod. :)
All through your post I was gonna ask you if your hoses were attached. The real question is, would you have detached them if Dad hadn't called?

Lara said...

Eventually I would've detached them...but maybe not in time. I don't know if it got cold enough that night for them to burst, but better safe than sorry.

Whitney said...

Love this post. I wish husbands would remember this when we ladies remind them of things. It's just because we love them, not because we don't trust them!

Kristy Skoy said...

Laura! your dad is funny! But it is so nice to know that he still thinks of you and wants to take care. Found your blog from your comment on bows. I hope its ok that I pry. You have an awesome family!

Hays Family said...

I loved you tribute to your mother hen dad. He will never change so looking at the positive side is the best thing to do.


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