Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pet Peeves

Why don't living rooms have overhead lights?

Hate this fact of life. If I were Queen of the World (and let's not kid ourselved...someday I may be) all living rooms will have overhead lights. It's one thing in a hotel to get all light by a lamp or two, but in a main room of the house? Who came up with this idea? Seriously, people.


Jamie Boyd said...

Not only do we not have a ceiling light in our apartment, but the closest light is a hanging light (like what you see in a trashy warehouse) and it hangs like halfway to the floor. I made Tyler fix it with a bunch of twisty ties so that it didn't hang so low. Then we got several tall lamps that reflect off the ceiling for our living room. I also really love the trim lights that some people have where the light shines upward out of a trim near the ceiling. I'm not sure if I adequately described what I was talking about. Anyway, those are my thoughts on lighting.

Melissa said...

Don't ever move to the Detroit area! Our apartment there only had overhead lights in the bathrooms and kitchen. It was standard practice to not have overhead lights in the living room AND bedrooms! Hated it!!!

H A L to the G's Ma said...

We have the same problem down here in Tucson but our bedroom lights are ON THE WALL by the doors. How dumb is that. We have a hard time seeing anything let alone into our closets. Oh how I love renting. When I build a house we will have a celling light in every room. I so know how you feel.


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