Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Adoption Question 2

Because November is National Adoption Month, I'm going to answer any questions you care to ask me about my adoption experience. Please post questions in the comments area at the bottom of my original Taking Questions post. You can even post anonymously if you'd like.

Were You Ever Worried the Baby Wouldn't Be Cute?

Justin and I talked about this, and the answer is, it crossed our minds. Of course we wanted an adorable baby. Who doesn't? But did it worry us enough that we would refuse a baby that didn't pass muster? Absolutely not. We wondered about it when we thought we'd have a biological child. We dreamed of a baby with our best genes, and worried what would happen if we passed on our most hated, unhealthy features. Who doesn't?

 I felt shallow admitting this to a friend once and she said, "That's totally normal and okay. You and Justin are both good-looking people and you know that if you had a biological baby, it would be good-looking with features you both find attractive in each other. It's only natural to wonder if an adopted baby will be cute."

Again, can't deny that it crossed our minds. But it wasn't a serious issue for us at all. And I had nothing to worry about!


Amy said...

I think it's awesome that you are answering all these questions. I thought all my kids were a little funny looking for the first few months. I never would have admitted it with the first, but by the third I realize that some newborns just look a little funny, then they grow out of it.

Hays Family said...

My first baby was injured at birth by the forceps the dr. used to pull him out of me when his heartbeat nearly stopped. He really looked beaten up and had a mishaped head for about a month. I worried about how he looked for a brief moment, but then it didn't matter. He was ours and our love spilled over as we cradled that helpless little baby in our arms.
So, for me, no matter how my babies looked it didn't matter once he/she was in my arms. Your Joci is too cute.


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