Friday, November 13, 2009

Adoption Question 6

Taking Questions

Because November is National Adoption Month, I'm going to answer any questions you care to ask me about my adoption experience. Please post questions in the comments area at the bottom of any post. You can even post anonymously if you'd like.

How often do you talk to the birth parents and how long do you have to keep in contact with them? 

We write letters and send pictures to Jocelyn's birth family at least twice a month. We have a phone call every couple of months.

Our decision to be open with the birth family is not legally enforceable after finalization. But why would we want to ever stop our contact? The reasons we chose to have an open adoption are to benefit Joci, her birth family, and us for years and years.

Our baby's birth family has really become like extended family to us. I wish we had more phone calls and emails, but they don't always have access. I miss them. We're going for a visit next week and I can't wait to see everyone.

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Liz Smith said...

That is so wonderful! Your baby is going to benefit from double the's so amazing! :)


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