Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Drama, Drama, Drama

This morning, I was ready to run for the razors. Not a "slit my wrists" kind of way. No, this was in a "I'm going to shave my entire head like Britney Spears" kind of way.

And as I was holding a pair of hair scissors in my hand, my dear husband stopped me. I kid you not. They were in my hand.

Seventeen bad hair days in a row will do that to you.

And I tell you that God works in mysterious ways. I called my salon this morning, praying for an appointment sometime this week with the ultimate hair diva, Amy. Last time I booked an appointment with my stylist, it was eight weeks out. So the fact that I was able to get in today for a cut and a color with two different time options to choose from is nothing shy of a miracle. Someone upstairs knew I needed a break.

I visited Joci before my appointment. She was happy and having fun. Then onto the salon. I wasn't totally crazy for freaking out about it because even Amy said, "What is going on with your hair?!" Two cups of Aveda tea, 20 grams of customized color, one hand massage, and two and a half hours later, I loved my hair again.

(Just a little plug - if you need a great salon, you need to go here. You'll love it. I promise. So worth it. Oh, and tell them I sent you.)

We put in caramel and cinnamon highlights. So fun. The pictures don't capture the beauty of it. It's perfect for autumn. It's like the hair form of pumpkin pie. And pecan pie. And cinnamon hot cocoa. All things delicious this time of year. :) And while the cut doesn't really look that different, it's way more manageable and a more flowing shape. Hallelujah!

Whispier bangs and a nicer shape. The style is a little flat because I was in a steamy bathroom for awhile (read on for an explanation)

See the pretty caramel and red highlights?

So I dashed to pick up Jo from daycare. She was sounding pretty wheezy. She has a sinus infection and is on medicine for that, but she kept sounding worse and worse. I went to the store and was bothered by how shallow and fast her breathing was. I called my sister who is a pediatric nurse at Primary Children's in Salt Lake. She advised me to time her breathing. If there were more than 60 breaths in 60 seconds, she needed to see a doctor. Well, Joci had 81 breaths in 60 seconds, so off to the doctor we went. After a breathing treatment to rule out asthma and allergies, it was determined that she has RSV.

She'll be home the rest of the week. She'll sleep upright in her carseat in our room tonight with the humidifier. Every few hours we'll turn our bathroom into a steam room for a little therapy. And we'll just keep a good eye on her to watch for signs of it worsening. It's a virus, so we can only wait it out. If it gets really bad, then we'd be off to the hospital for oxygen. But for now, Joci is doing alright. She's still smiley and playful, so that's good.

Here's our little sickly gal:


Kristy Skoy said...

I can not believe you had the razor in your hand! I am so glad your hubby got to you in time! AHH! What could have happened! Poor Joci! David had RSV when he was a baby, he had to be on breathing treatments and then he developed asthma from it. I am so glad you have a DR in the family to keep tabs on her! Good Luck! let me know if you need anything.

Liz Smith said...

poor little thing...i hope she feels better soon. :(

your hair looks great!

mom2jjk said...

So sorry little Joci is sick! Just a little tidbit of info... Sinus infections can trigger wheezing. I learned this from our asthma Dr when our little Kara was little and had a lot of breathing issues. The sinuses are a part of the breathing system. If any part of the breathing system is "sick" the lungs can go into protection mode and the tiny bronchioles tighten up to try to prevent the bad stuff from getting into the lungs. This in turn causes rapid breathing and wheezing. Seems kind of counterproductive to me but I guess no one told the lungs...:-)
Love the hair!!

Meagan Spaulding said...

OH MY! How do I miss Amy? Let me count the ways! I haven't found a hair stylist that I like here. And you know how I am, I try 2 then I'm done and my hair just grows and gets long... *sigh* what to do? I hate spending money to try and find someone I like - BLAH! Go figure I'd find Amy just 2 weeks before we moved.

Ugh RSV is really scary! Do you remember when Asher got it and then got pneumonia and was in the hospital for a week? Talk about scary! I'm sure Joci will be fine though, you seemed to have caught it early - what a blessing!

Mom on the Go said...

I thought you just got your hair done like a month ago. I'm glad Amy could fit you in, I know how hard that is! Sorry to hear Joci is sick, but does that mean you get to take some time off work? Good luck!


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