Monday, November 30, 2009

End of National Adoption Month

I've really enjoyed blogging about adoption every day. Well, almost every day. It's a process I knew very little about a year and half ago, but it has become a passion and a cause for me. Adoption is such a beautiful process and sends mountains of blessings to everyone involved. I am always open to talking about it and if you have any more questions regarding adoption, you can ask them any time. I've even had some blog readers email me personally with questions, which is great too!

If you're like me and still can't get enough of adoption, I highly recommend you check out these two blogs. They are very dear to my heart and I've fallen in love with these women and their messages. They are so interesting to read and their very different journeys with adoption will leave you cheering for them.

The R House is written by an adoptive mother and adoption warrior. She is in the midst of a contested battle and pulling out all stops to keep her son.

The Happiest Sad is written by a birth mother who placed her baby after parenting her for nine weeks and loving her child enough to give her a mother and a father. This birth mother's perspective is invaluable. (Go back to her very first post and read it in chronological order. Oh, and have a box of tissues handy.)

And as a reminder, I'll be moving my blog tomorrow to Please follow me there!


Jill Elizabeth said...

Aw, thank you! I don't know if I'd put myself up there with Mrs R, but I sure appreciate it just the same :o)

Linds said...

I found this article on the NPR blog. I thought you would be interested.

mrs. r said...

hey there...

i have a little something for you! thanks for taking the adoption month challenge and for all your blogging hard work.

send me an email with your address: the r house at gmail dot com.


mrs. r


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