Monday, November 9, 2009

Imagine the Potential

Look at this list here to see more famous people who are part of the adoption triad (adoptive parents, adoptee, or birth parent).

I read a statistic that 60% of people have a connection with adoption. Very interesting and true. Ever since we adopted Joci, so many people - acquaintances, coworkers, church friends, etc. - have shared adoption stories with me. "My sister is a birth mom." "I adopted my daughter." "My mom was adopted." And on and on. Adoption can be a good thing. A very good thing.


Alicia said...

Very cool...the lady I visit teach was adopted and I think she has some tender feelings (and not good ones) about the subject. She feels rejected I think. Maybe this video could help her realize her own potential!

Jamie Boyd said...

Are you doing an adoption post tonight? If so, you should include a picture of your new hair.


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