Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Favorite Adoption Story

Ever since we officially decided to adopt, I've been kind of obsessed with it. I think it's a necessary obsession because adoption is a lot of work. I'm obsessed with other people's adoption stories because they are all unique. And they are all the same.

I learn so much from every story. I think it's important to be open to learning because the "hard" part of adoption isn't over. Adoption is hard, period. And always will be.

Like when Joci asks why other kids her age don't have birth moms.

Or when she has to do an assignment in school about genealogy.

When she asks why her birth family placed her for adoption.

When despite all the answers I can give her - and her birth parents can give her - she feels rejected and unwanted on some level.

But there's a lot of love and a lot of healing that can soften these hard parts.

I find strenght in the examples of others. Know who my favorite example is?

Joseph, the earthly, adoptive father of Jesus Christ. The man God trusted to raise His only child.

Have you ever thought of him that way?

I hadn't until recently, and it brings on new meaning for me in Joseph's role. After the accounts of the holy birth in the Bible, we don't hear much about Joseph. But by reading between the lines, it becomes obvious that the was a caring, patient, adoring father.

The picture above is a painting called Joseph the Guardian by Kendra Burton. She has some beautiful things to say about her journey of creating this painting. If you're interested, read about it here.


Jill Elizabeth said...

I had never thought of Joseph in that way before - how very profound! Thank you for sharing that.

Candise said...

Wonderful post! I am glad for many reasons that I sought you out. You are a great writer and a delight to read.

And now for the original reason...I left your e-mail address in my binder out of town and would like to inform you of an FSA activity this Saturday. Would you please e-mail me with your contact info so I can send you the infomation. We would love to see you again! jaromandcandise at yahoo dot com


Groff Family said...

What a great insight into Joseph. You're exactly right about that. Love it.


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