Sunday, November 1, 2009

October Updates

I need to play a little catch up with some photos.

Here are some pictures from my 28th birthday. Justin made me a delicious cake - red velvet with cream cheese frosting - and he decorated our home with birthday banners. Joci enjoyed tearing off wrapping paper and sucking on it. We went out to dinner and had fun celebrating.

Last week we went with my brother's family to the corn maze. It was a short trip because it was cold and Joci got cranky, but it's a tradition we've done for years.

A few weeks ago, Justin's parents were down and we had family pictures taken by Miranda Johnson of Sweet Pea photography. She has some pictures posted on her website and here are some more. They turned out great.

On Friday, my company celebrated Halloween. It is a really big deal there with different departments going all out with different themes. This year we chose an outerspace theme and it was AWESOME! I was in charge of heading it up. It was a lot of work, but it was a lot of fun too. I always love it when people who doubt we can pull it off have to eat their words. :) I have tons of pics, but I'll only post a few.

This two pictures show the entrance to the room. We built the outside of a rocket ship, "The Enhancer."

Here's the inside of the rocket ship.

We turned our printer into a "robot" who greeted everyone as they entered.

Here is the cockpit with control panels and a wind shield.

Here is the bathroom for men, women, and aliens. Notice the floating toilet paper - no gravity here, so we had a lot of floating stuff.

Here is the galley full of spam, ramen noodles, and twinkies. The menu someone wrote up was so funny -- every day featured spam in a creative way like spam casserole and spam smoothies.

Some of my work associates hanging around.

After going through the rocket ship and the decontamination area, the trick-or-treaters entered outerspace. Not a lot of pictures of space because it was so dark and we lit everything with black lights, so none of the pictures turned out. Anyway, here were probably the best costumes - the Yip Yip aliens from Sesame Street.

Our fearless astronauts and robots (and a stray alien)

Aliens and spaced-themed folks. See the big silver square-ish thing between SuperGirl and the Planet Earth? His costume is the balloon boy from Denver. His silver balloon says "Not a Hoax" and "We Did It For the Show." Too funny.

Super Girl holding up the world.

Halloween night Jordan and Cindy brought Afton by to trick-or-treat. She was such a beautiful fairy princess.


Jessica said...

I was so curious to see what your theme would be. AWESOME! Looks like you pulled it off wonderfully!

Chad and Tina said...

Many fun adventures!! I love your pictures! You are so close to your sealing date!!!! Woo Hoo!

Chad and Tina said...

Many fun adventures!! I love your pictures! You are so close to your sealing date!!!! Woo Hoo!

Jamie Boyd said...

In the new heading picture at the top of your blog, you look incredible! Wow! Joci is pretty cute too :)

The Melaween pictures made me a little homesick and I teared up. I should have been there. It feels wrong that I missed it. Why do I miss Melaleuca so much? It's weird that I do, right? It's probably you're fault.

Maria said...

Hey - miss you too and I was thinking about you on your birthday but never got around to calling you like the looser friend that I am! :) I can't believe how big Joci is getting - still so beautiful! I absolutely LOVE your hair cut and I love it dark - you look great!
The pictures Mir took are so great, I saw her post and I love the one with you guys sitting on the platform with Joci
Miss you and thanks for the note - my computer is crap and so it takes ages just to look at a post nevermind download one! But hopefully santa will bring me a new computer for Christmas and I will start blogging again!

Liz Smith said...

those are awesome pictures! good job on pulling off the office decorating, it looks good. LOVE the yip yip aliens, they are some of my all time sesame street favorites. :D

Hays Family said...

Lara, you make a great wonder woman. Love your work decorations too. All of you are so creative. Joci makes such a cute lamb too.


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