Monday, November 16, 2009

Six Month Pictures

I will let these pictures be my adoption post for the day. Every time I hold my sweet baby or listen to her beautiful coos and sighs, I know that adoption is a miracle.

These gorgeous pictures were taken by the very talented Miranda Johnson of Sweetpea Photography. She also took Joci's newborn pictures. Take a peek at her blog for some additional photos of Joci from this same session.


Frederick Family said...

Sooo cute!!!

The Gotch Family said...

I was catching up on blogs today (I haven't been able to view in over a month because we have been so busy) and I have to say I love the story about your dad and the hoses. So sweet, I love dads that take care of their girls as yours and mine does.
I also have to say that I know what you mean about people saying stupid, insensitive comments (about infertility) but I have come to realize that before I knew better (who knows, maybe I still don't know better) I am sure I asked some stupid questions...but because I truely cared and was interested. So I have learned to just roll my eyes and write it off to innocent stupidity. Even as I read this I am thinking "have I accidentally ever used the word real mom?" :)

Hays Family said...

wow, what beautiful pics of Jocelyn. Miranda does a great job but she has such a talented subject to work with.


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