Monday, November 2, 2009

Taking Questions

November is a great month. My parents' birthdays are in November. My brother's birthday is in November. My sister-in-law's birthday is in November. My brother-in-law's birthday is in November. My niece's birthday is in November. November is our family's month! A bunch of my friendss birthdays are in November. And then there's Thanksgiving. Oh, and it's National Adoption Month! It is more than fitting that we'll finalize Jocelyn's adoption in this month.

In honor of that, I am opening myself up to any questions about our experience or adoption in general. Leave a question in the comments, and I will give you my truthful, honest answer. Here are some questions I've been asked before:

How much did the adoption cost?
Were you ever worried that the baby wouldn't be cute?
How often do you talk to the birth family?
When can you stop talking to the birth family?
Can the birth family get Joci back?
Why do you have to wait six months before finalizing?

I'll answer these questions and any more you post in the comments. Nothing is off limits!


Frederick Family said...

So has your sex life suffered now that you have a baby?

Frederick Family said...

Don't forget you have a brother-in-law and niece birthday in November also.

Lara said... did I space the Fredericks?

Liz Smith said...

yeah! November rocks! :) :) :)

i would love to know how much it cost. (wow, i feel sooooo bad actually asking that) but it's something ive always wondered about. i always tell jared that after we have our 2 kids, that it would be cool to look into's prolly just a wild idea of mine, but who could happen. ;)

p.s. i cant help noticing your sealing countdown everytime i go to your blog. that is going to be soooo AWESOME!!! im so excited for you guys. :) :) :)

Alicia said...

If money were no issue and you could easily adopt babies, how many children would you adopt?

Would you adopt an older child?

Does it cost more to adopt a baby versus an older child?

You've probably already said this in a previous post, but how did you get in touch with the birth family and get Joci?

Do you prefer open adoption?

I'd love to learn whatever you can tell me...I could ask a million questions!

Anonymous said...

Do you think that in spite of your best efforts there might always be some emotional damage to navigate for Joci and how are you prepared to deal with that?

Liz Smith said...

i like all of alicia's questions btw. i too find this subject soo interesting that i love to learn as much as i can too. :)

Alicia said...

So, another question. After watching the season preview of "Find My Family" all about adoption, I was left wondering why people choose to place their baby without having an open adoption. Is it because they are ashamed of their choice?


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