Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Igloo Cake

Every November before Thanksgiving, the Marketing department at my company holds a dessert party. We all bring yummy treats and take an hour break to enjoy them. Although, it's not enough to just take an hour off to indulge in general yumminess. We need more than that. So we vote on the best yummy treat and the winners get a gift certificate to the place of their choice.

Last year, I won the "most creative" category with my Buche de Noel.

I really had my eye on a gift certificate to go shopping with, so I wanted to win again. I searched and searched for a fabulous creative dessert (the "creative" category is underpopulated, so I played the odds).

Thanks to Martha Stewart, I spent three evenings in the kitchen and almost as much money as the gift certificate is worth and made an igloo cake.

First, I made a sheet cake, then cut the cake in long thin strips and molded them into the bottom of a greased bowl lined with wax paper. Luckily the pieces don't have to fit perfectly or even look nice.

Then I mixed some ice cream in my mixer just to soften it and spread it in the cake bowl. I alternated candy cane and chocolate ice creams.

Made a cake "lid" after I filled the bowl with ice cream.

Froze over night then removed from the bowl. Voila.

Decorated it with buttercream frosting. I used marshmallows to shape the doorway to the igloo.

Made cutey penguins from marzipan.

And the final result! It looked super cute and tasted really good too. It wasn't too hard, per se, just time consuming with a lot of steps.

I haven't cashed in my $40 gift certificate yet, but I'll probably get some of it to the mall and then maybe a restaurant for a date. :)


dust and kam are hoping to adopt! said...

So cute! I think I might need to try that someday!!

COngrats! :)

Jessica said...

Adorable! Love the penguins!

tvmom said...

very cute! love your blog!


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