Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm Not Crazy

Our last Christmas tree, 2007

We've been looking for a Christmas tree ever since we got back from Salt Lake. I'm a real tree kind of girl, so we didn't want to get one before our five day weekend and have it die/become a fire hazard and burn our house down for the holidays.

We haven't been able to find ANY trees.

(Other than a really nice one that lives outside of 24-Hour Fitness down the street from me. And I would be so tempted to borrow my brother's chain saw and cut it down when they are closed, but it's 24-Hour Fitness, so, I guess they've got themselves covered.)

We've been looking since December 14. Not that late in the game, really. But still, NO TREES!!!!

And I'm not crazy. There was actually a news article on this exact problem. There's a Christmas tree shortage in Idaho Falls. An employee at Home Depot told us when their next shipment comes in, so we'll be the first in line.


The Gotch Family said...

Maybe it's time you invested in a "fake" tree (you never have to worry about where to find it, unless your basement looks like mine). I finally broke down a few years ago and bought a beutiful one the day after Christmas for a GREAT deal. Of course, maybe they are out of those as well this year...

Liz Smith said...

sad! i hope you find one! i love real trees too...but i finally gave into the fake tree. It's nice cuz i can have it up all month, but i still miss the smell of pine in my house. you guys should look for a christmas tree farm. my friend does that as a tradition every year and loves it. although it may be way too cold to do that in idaho. good luck with the search! :)


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