Wednesday, December 30, 2009

International Madness

Canada really isn't that far from here. I think most Americans don't really look at Canadians as much different than us. They have the queen on their money, say "eh" a lot, through u's around all skiddywampus, and have access to a lot more meds than us (pot, anyone?), but it's not like anyone would get severe culture shock in the Great White North.

So what's up with their candy bars???

Oh, I mean chocolate bars.

In Canada, they're called chocolate bars. Even a bag of Skittles.

They have chocolate bars we don't have, that maybe we should have, because they are made by companies that make our candy bars like Nestle and Cadbury.

And then things are just misnamed. Like Smarties. Canadian Smarties are more like our M&Ms. And their Mars Bar is like our Milky Way. Nuts, eh? (Except Mars Bars/Milky Ways don't have nuts). I had a Coffee Crisp today which I liked very much. I can do without the Big Turk Bar. Turkish Delight jelly covered in chocolate.

But I'm glad to know Canada has one thing right: a Reese's is stll a Reese's no matter how far north you go.

1 comment:

Jill Elizabeth said...

They used to sell them here but now I can only find Aero bars in Canada. Whenever I visit my brother in BC I come home with a case of the suckers.


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