Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It’s Not Christmas Without…

My friend Jamie wrote on her blog last week that she learned how to do Christmas from her mom. It made me think about all my treasured traditions that I learned from my mom, or at least got from my childhood. Everybody has those things that just make the season for us.

So just for fun, here’s my “It’s Not Christmas Without…” list

  • Reading Luke II on Christmas Eve
  • Driving around to see Christmas lights
  • Watching A Christmas Story
  • Lots of Mom’s recipes like fudge, almond cookies, cranberry Jell-O, candied yams, turkey gravy with giblets, and more.
  • Eggnog with nutmeg on Christmas morning
  • Opening one gift on Christmas Eve and never being surprised because it’s always pajamas
  • Dad making a delicious big breakfast Christmas Day
  • Dad reading “The Night Before Christmas” on the night before Christmas
  • The 24 Days ‘Til Christmas storybook countdown (so behind this year, btw)
  • A wonderful feast Christmas Eve and a totally chill Christmas Day
  • Johnny Mathis—especially the crackling LP
  • A live tree

What are yours?


Shelly Elizondo said...

I finally found your blog! I enjoyed this post and it brought alot of good Christmas memories to mind.
I bet you are having a blast shopping for your beautiful baby girl for Christmas! You both looked adorable at church on Sunday in your Christmas dresses.

Chad and Tina said...

I love your traditions! I have a few similar ones. :) It is so much more exciting with a little one to celebrate Christmas don't you think??


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