Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Little Tidbit

In my fantasy world, I have a thousand blog readers who have anxiously been awaiting my latest post. So to appease said fantasy readers, I guess I better post!

Our weekend was great and the sealing was beautiful. Every single member of my immediate family (and their children) were there. It's been three and a half years since we've all been in the same room. How cool! The party afterwards was great too. The food was divine. Aside from having to take double the daily allotted amount of Immodium just so I could leave the house, the day was probably as near perfect as any stressed out, planned for months, sky-high expectations, special event can be.  (Yeah, that doesn't make sense and my made-up adjectives are totally incongruent, but I think you'll all get it.)

I don't have any pictures.


We hired a photographer and it will be a couple weeks until I see any of those. But I'm sure they're great. We were freezing cold and posed all awkwardly, so that must mean they'll turn out great, right?

But to appease your little unsatiable appetites, I just wanted to post this sweet picture. Not only is Joci just adorable and more edible than a frosted gingerbread man cookie, the reason why this picture is so sweet to me is because the winter suit she is wearing is something we bought long before we knew we'd get a baby. It was a "hope purchase." And that's why it's brown and neutral. We hoped that someday a little baby body would wear it in the cold Idaho winter. And it just warms my heart to see her in it.


Jamie Boyd said...

As president of the "Pocket Full of Prose Fan Club" (and yes, we are 1,294 members strong and still growing), I just wanted to thank you one behalf of everyone. We're glad to hear that things went so well and can't wait to see the pictures. And how exciting for Mrs. R that she will get to do the same thing soon. I bet that made her enjoy taking your pictures even more. Anyway, tell Joci I said congratulations.

Jill Elizabeth said...

I was waiting :o) I'm so happy you got Joci sealed to you! Saturday was a good day for sealings :o)

Congratulations! And Joci is darling in her little bear suit.

Mom on the Go said...

I anxiously await each and every post! I love it and congratulations! I wish we had had the money to hire a photographer when we were sealed as a family. I can't wait to see the pictures.


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