Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Smooth Moves!

My move to my new URL address was pretty painless. Most everything moved with me (including followers). I had to redo my links to my friends' and families' blogs, but that was it. I made sure to back everything up on my hard drive first, just in case.

So, how about a good story? And what makes it good is that it's true.

We went to Wyoming for Thanksgiving. On evening, Justin and I were driving around in the country and I really had to go to the bathroom. Well, it's Wyoming and it's the country, and there was plenty of sagebrush. So, I figured it would be easier to take advantage of said sagebrush rather than drive back and find a bathroom.

I was driving. Justin directed me down a dirt road, saying that it went for miles without really leading to anything. I hopped out. It was pitch dark and this road looked very forsaken. No use in marching 200 yards to hide behind a tree. I dropped trou and squatted right on the shoulder of the road, a couple feet from my car.

Just then headlights shined right at me!

An oncoming car had just crested a hill. I stopped doing what I was doing, pulled up my britches and quickly hobbled into the driver's side of the car. Why, oh, why did I do that? After seeing me squatting by the edge of the road completely illuminated by headlights, this car could now truly see me as now the dome light of my car was shining like a beacon for all. All I could do was duck and cower.

And then it was gone. I got out and finished my business.

Justin laughed for eight minutes straight. Smooth moves indeed.

1 comment:

Ashley said...

Would it make you feel better if I told you my mom took a photo of me while backpacking squatting on the side of a hill over a hole?

I 'accidentally' opened the back of the camera.


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