Monday, December 7, 2009

Still Waiting

We've had a great morning. I woke up early with plenty of time to spend on myself, and Jocelyn. We got a great parking spot at the courthouse and we were nice and early (seriously...that's a feat for us!). But we never saw our lawyer and the courtroom we were assigned was locked. We looked at the posted docket for the day and our hearing isn't until 11:15.

I guess we never got the message. Luckily, my brother lives just five minutes away from the courthouse so we're hanging out and playing the Wii. But it's annoying. My brother and his family came, and I'm not sure how this effecting their work schedules. My mom is having to take a later flight home. Annoying. But as long as we can get this done, then I really don't care.

Later, gators.

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