Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Thanksgiving Pictures

Finally. Here are some pictures from our Thanksgiving in Wyoming. Lots and lots of pictures. Sorry.

Thanksgiving day. We fell in love with Joci's dress when we saw it at the Gap and spent more on it than we should have. Oh, and the adorable red satin shoes just screamed to be bought, too.

Naughty Haiden

The result of Haiden's creativity

Aunt Jen

I love singing and dancing with Daddy. It's so much fun!


Hey, Mom, this pile of leaves is pretty cool!

Wow, this sure feels neat in my hand and makes fun crunching noises. I should probably taste it next.

Self-portrait with Hollywood

Self-portrait with Little Bit. After taking this picture I realized Joci's fingers were on the horse's teeth - a very bad place to be. So glad he didn't think they were small carrots and chomp down!

Meeting Little Bit

Grandma Z's singing group caroled at Old Trail Town. We came to watch and Justin jumped in to add some depth.

He even wore his mother's hat for a few songs.

Haiden and Justin stacking jam at breakfast

Great-Grandma "Nana" and Joci

A breathtaking, gorgeous winter sunset in Bozeman (is it just me or are winter sunsets the prettiest:?)


Liz Smith said...

that sunset is gorgeous, especially with the mountains! i miss those. im so glad you had a great's my next favorite holiday after christmas. :)

Jill Elizabeth said...

Joci looks darling in that dress. Part of the fun of having a daughter is occasionally spending too much money on really, really cute clothes :o)


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