Friday, January 15, 2010

Bad Omen? Maybe Not

When I got in my car this morning I noticed two small heaps of frozen cat vomit on the hood.

Seems like it would be a bad omen. But my day has been okay so far.

But still....gross.


Liz Smith said...

LOL! oh i can definitely relate to that! although, i find vomit on my white carpet, not my car. it's usually just bad luck for my cat cuz she gets swat. :P

Jessica said...

hahahhhahahaha. here's to hoping it was just one unfortunate event for the day. thanks for the laugh!

Jill Elizabeth said...

I think it's a good omen, if such a thing exists. Hey, if you start your day with cat vomit, things can only go up from there, right?

Meagan said...

LOL cat vomit? Another reason not to have cats! (Besides allergies) That is too funny. I'll share a little randomness... my belly is so huge I keep accidentally spitting toothpaste on it when I brush my teeth. Gross but at least I'm brushing my teeth?


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