Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hey Grandma - Look What I've Been Up To

Here are some videos of our busy little baby. They may be slightly long and not very engaging unless you're a Grandma or close relative. Sorry. But it's my blog and I'll post what I want. :)  I know both Grandmas (Grandpas too) are missing this little cutie so hopefully this helps.

(can you tell I'm feeling sassy tonight?)

Joci babbling

Joci scooting

Joci pulling up. For some reason, the carseat is her most successful pull-up place. I'm sure she just gets the best leverage there.

She was tired this night, as I'm sure you can gather from her whining.

P.S. Mom, if you aren't able to view these, look them up with the links I posted under each video.


Anonymous said...
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Jamie Boyd said...

After our conversation last week, I can't help but think that these are at least partly to prove something :) She's adorable and you look fantastic in that last one. What's your secret?

Anonymous said...

That has to be the most beautiful baby girl I think I've ever seen. I miss her sooooo much and can't wait until I get my hands on her. They grow up so fast and I'm real glad that I only have two so that I can spoil them rotten. Hey Lara, if you think of it, I need a couple more still shots for January for the stampbook. I used the ones earlier but I think that there will be a couple stamp pages for January. Thanks for keeping up on the posts - it makes it easier to cope with being so far away. Love Grandma Z


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