Sunday, January 31, 2010

Journal Jar: Childhood lessons

I've decied to journal-type posts every Sunday. I have a list of journal entry prompts in a metaphorical jar (a website, in this case) and every week I'll choose one of those prompts and write about it. I've seen actual journal jars - an actual mason jar decorated all cute and full of slips of paper with the prompts. Very cute and fun. As a kid, I wrote in my journal daily. I was very faithful about it. That waned when I went to college and lucky for me (and all of you) it's picked up somewhat with blogging. :)

Enough of an intro. I'll get started.


What lessons did you take as a child?
Did any of them carry over into adulthood?

I took ballet and tap when I was about four. There were a lot of girls from my neighborhood in the class and I really enjoyed it. The studio was on 1st Street. Though it's not there anymore, whenever I drive by the building, I always think of dancing there. I was very excited to wear makeup at the recital. For our tap routine, we dresses kind of like clowns and the song went "Silly samba one-two-three, hey, hey, ole!" Our ballet routine was to a song that went "A you're adorable, B you're so beauitful, C you're a cutey full of charm. D you're delightful. E you're exciting. F you're feather in my arms."

I took gymanstics which I also really enjoyed. I did floor gymnastics in Rigby, then I ended up at a place in Idaho Falls where I did things like the parallel bars, the balance beam, and vault. I really, really enjoyed that type of gymnastics until I fell off the six foot balance beam and landed square on my back, knocking the wind out of me. It spooked me and I don't ever remember going back.

My mother made sure all of kids took at least a year of piano lessons. I really wanted to learn to play the cello but I had to take piano for a year first. I started in third grade and I hated it. For three years, I went. For three years, I didn't practice and it was torture for both the teacher and me. I asked to quit - a lot. But my mom always said no, that someday I'd wish I'd learned to play the piano because that's how she felt. I can honestly say that as an adult today, I do not regret not learning to play. I love that Justin plays and I will force my kids to take at least a year, but I am happy with my limited piano abilities. I know my way around the simplified hymn book. :) After three years, my piano teacher asked me to not come back anymore. I am forever grateful to Mrs. Beard for "firing" me since my mom wouldn't let me quit.

I took other dance courses. I took voice lessons. I took art lessons. I took swimming lessons. I was in softball for three years. My parents were great - us kids were always involved in some kind of lessons or sports. Thanks, Mom and Dad. I have a lot of great memories from those things. I know it wasn't easy juggling five kids' extra-curricular stuff, especially on a limited budget, but I am so glad you did!

As far as anything going into adulthood, I still sing. I danced in college. Because of those years of piano lessons, I can read music, and I was able to pass my music theory courses in college more easily. I can plink out the top hand of simple songs. And I just know that if I'd been allowed to play the cello, my true passion, I would be playing first chair in a major orchestra today. :)


Groff Family said...

I have a journal jar! It was a YW project from years ago. I started a different version of it a while back on my blog too, but as with most things, I didn't keep that up either. The one I did was specifically for adults and I found it online, it might be similar to yours.

I hear ya on the piano thing. Man, I hated it. Only Mom was right with me, I do wish I could play. I tried to quit so many times and she wouldn't let me either. I took lessons from Kathy Wendt and then from Carolyn Johns. I think I always told Mom that the teachers were mean so that I could quit. I eventually ended up taking flute lessons from Halle Stone. I was actually good at it too and she told me I was one of her best students. I think I got bored of it and quit though, and now, I still have the flute but don't have a clue what to do with it. I don't remember a thing, how sad!

Anonymous said...

I definitely want to read a bit more soon. By the way, rather good design you have here, but don’t you think design should be changed every few months?


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