Monday, January 11, 2010

Lots of Endeavors

2010 has hit the ground running! On Saturday, we spoke on an adoptive parent panel  for FSA during a training class for hopeful adoptive couples just starting their journey. I remember being on the other side of the table not too long ago, full of hope and enthusiasm yet doubt and fear. There were two other couples on the panel as well telling their stories. Every story is different and full of blessings and trials, but I found myself again greatful for our smooth adoption with no long out-of-state waiting periods or legal obstacles. I am also greatful for birth parents who allow us to have contact and a relationship with them.

Then on Sunday, Justin and I sang a duet in church. I really love to sing and I have a nice voice (even if I do say so myself) but in the past my nerves have always overshadowed my ability. I've always been a "shower singer." I sound wonderful in the shower and hit every note, but put me in front of someone else and I squeak like a mouse. This always vexed me in high school and college since I was always involved in drama and I never got great roles in the musicals because I froze. Well, I was excited for this opportunity and I prepared like crazy. I'm sure I annoyed Justin with how much I practiced. He's so talented and easy-going that he could just run through it once or twice and be good. I practiced for at least two hours a day this past week. Justin made me an mp3 of the song on his music program on his computer so I could listen to the song at work and practice alone while he was at work. Although my performance wasn't flawless, I am actually very proud of myself and think I did a great job. Justin said I have now set myself up for many more musical numbers in church - even solos, eek! It's scary, but it's a talent I want to develop, so I welcome the fear and the growth. It goes to show that preparation really goes a long way toward success.

And I have also officially entered the freelance sector of copywriting. I have my first freelance project which also happens to be a very large project by industry standards. It's daunting, but an exciting opportunity, and I am working with a former colleague/friend who I am thrilled to rub shoulders (well, e-shoulders since this other company is a few states away) with again.

Sorry for the lack of posts. But I've been busy. And I have a lot of pictures but I've used up most of the memory on my computer and I need to move a lot of my picture/video files onto DVDs and our backup hard drive before I can put more on.

But here's a picture I haven't posted before. It's Joci after the sealing with her cousins Ellie and Jessica.


Mom on the Go said...

Wow, I don't envy your life right now. I'll take my slow paced, boring one thank you very much! Good luck with everything though! What day can we get together for dinner this week? Just let Ben know.

Liz Smith said...

congrats on the duet! that is a great accomplishment. :)

Kristy Skoy said...

You were wonderful Sunday! I wish I had some guts to do that.


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