Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Ultimate Combination of TV Characters

When I watch TV dramas that put me on the edge of my seat trying to solve some problem or stop some villain, I often find myself wanting to combine numerous shows.

Renee Walker in 24 is too shaky to go undercover with the Russians. Why not program Echo from Dollhouse with the necessary skills? That would be the perfect answer.

When Jack can’t tell whether or not someone is lying, (or maybe when Dr. House needs to know whether or not someone is telling the truth) I find myself screaming from my seat, “Bring in Cal Lightman from Lie to Me.”

I want Dr. House to solve the neurological problems the actives on Dollhouse experience. I want Jack Bauer to bring down the terrorist threat on Lie to Me.

Justin always laughs because I am constantly saying, “They need Dr. House. They need to bring in Lightman.”

I think they would make the ultimate super-hero team. Jack Bauer, who can break all the rules and push people to make them talk. Cal Lightman who can tell whether or not someone is lying and what emotions they’re concealing. Echo who can be programmed with any personality and skill set to get whatever job done. Dr. House who can solve almost any problem with his power of keen observance and mega brains. They're all characters on the Fox network. I don't see why we can't have a fun espisode where we mix and match them!

Plus, I would love to see the egos of Jack Bauer, Lightman, and House duke it out. Who would win?

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Jill Elizabeth said...

Jack, Cal, and Dr House all together? Swoon.
And I think the same thing. I'm always watching other shows and thinking, "Why don't they call in Cal Lightman?" or "Where's Jack Bauer when you need him?"
I think the three of them together could take over the world.


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