Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Be a Part of Hollywood History

I know that some of you readers have known me since I was little. Which means you probably also know Trevor Banks. I’m sure you all remember how theatrical he was. He’s super talented. He is someone brave enough to truly pursue his dreams—big dreams. He’s currently pursuing a career in the film industry—directing, I believe. He’s in a graduate program at AFI in California and he’s making his first film which will be shown at an actual premier. This could totally launch his career. So very cool.

The thing is, the budget for his film came up a bit short and he’s asking for donations and help to get his movie done and get this make-you-or-break-you opportunity. You can read more about the film and the opportunity to donate (and get invited to the premier—eek!) on his blog:

Read about the film itself here:

Check it out and support a friend.

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