Monday, February 22, 2010

Beautiful Tree

Bent or broken is the family tree.
Each branch a part of me.
This is my tree.
And it's a beautiful tree.

From the song "Beautiful Tree" by Rain Perry. The first verse is the soundtrack behind the opening credits of the new CW hit TV show Life Unexpected.

Love the show. We don't get the CW on our dish package, so we've been watching online at the CW's website (or will direct you there).

Besides the fact that the show has some adoption and foster care themes to it, it is just dang good drama. During the pilot episode even Justin admitted that he got a little teary.

I think they only post three episodes at a time, so the first two are no longer up. Ask me what you missed, I'll fill you in. But seriously, watch the show.

And this song...I just love it. Simply and folksy, but the lyrics, the meaning, and the love...

There are things about our family tree we don't like. That one crooked branch. Or maybe our tree is smaller than we'd like. Or bigger. Or more fragile. But the tree belongs to us, and that makes it something special. I hope someday Joci will love her forked family tree, that it won't be something that she frets over or something that bothers her. I hope she'll love all her branches, all the knots, all the scars, and the strength and shelter that only her tree can give.

This is my tree. And it's a beautiful tree.

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