Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bring on the Sunshine

I walked out of my office building at 6:11 p.m. tonight and guess what?

It was still light out!

The streetlights were on and headlights were needed, but it could definitely be described as twilight.

I got Joci and as I drove the 6 miles home through farm fields I could see a thin pink strip of lingering sunset reflecting off the snowy horizon.

Oh, sunshine, how I've missed you!

A month ago, it would be pitch when I left work - even when I left work early at 5:30.

I notice a change in my mood with the seasons. I don't know if I could actually be diagnosed with SAD (seasonal affective disorder), but I can sympathize with the symptoms. My motivation goes out the window in winter. Nothing gets done. I just want to hibernate. It can seriously be a chore for me to eat more than a bowl of cereal for dinner. I hate shopping. I don't want to go out. Staying in involves just watching TV. My life slowly falls apart every winter. I get disgruntled.

And although the middle of February in Idaho only signals the middle of winter (seriously, snow here through April), I can already feel my energy picking up as the sun stays out a big longer every day.

Today, I felt energized. I've been home from work for 2 hours. And so far I've showered, fed Joci baby food, prepared some soft table food and fed her that (myself too), bathed Joci, put away a pile of folded laundry, put the sheets in the wash, tidied the living room, gave Joci a bottle and put her to bed, and tidied the living room. Plus I've blogged. And next I will vacuum and finish washing the sheets.

Wow, it's wonderful to have some motivation again.


Liz Smith said...

i soooooooo know how you feel. I am almost positive i get seasonal depression because i get the exact same way. it takes so much for to get up and do chores, not to mention go outside. all i want to do is sleep and watch movies all day. i love and miss the sunshine sooo much. i am counting down the days till spring!

Kristy Skoy said...

I have so much more energy when the sun is shining! I get mopy when it is a clowdy day! I am so excited for spring this year! by the way my blog went private so if you want to read send me your email and I will add you. handmadepages@hotmail


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