Friday, February 19, 2010

Disturbing Statistic

One in ten people have a third nipple. Most are mistaken for freckles or moles.

That's a pretty high statistic.

I am suddenly very aware of any mole/freckle/blemish on my chest.

Check out the article on triple nipples on Wikipedia. Nice to know that famous, good-looking folks like Carrie Underwood and Mark Wahlberg suffer from this all-too-common disfigurment.


Jill Elizabeth said...

That is super freaky. I'm not going to ask how you stumbled upon this information.

I thought Mark Wahlberg's mole was highly suspect. Fascinating!

Liz Smith said...

lol....i saw this on facebook. I had to look it up. :P

Ashley said...

If it makes you feel better, I'm questioning a mole myself right now.

Groff Family said...

So, since I know someone who has one, I can tell you that it's not necessarily on your chest. Think about cats and dogs, they have them all up and down their torsos. The person I know has one on the left side of the lower portion of his torso. It's very small, you'd never guess it.


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