Sunday, February 7, 2010

Journal Jar: Describe Your First Job

Describe Your First Job

I sort of had 3 first jobs. Bear with me.

I got a call from a woman in my ward for whom I babysat. Her brother or brother-in-law had a small business and needed a temp secretary. He had one lined up, but that temp got a little upset when she found Playboys in the bathroom and walked out on the job. So first they made sure I was okay with that. Oh, I was 15. I thought it was a little odd and I talked to my mom about it, but I didn't take offense, so I took the week-long job. I answered phones and typed up some dictated letters. The guy was impressed with my skills and I was impressed with an actual paycheck. This led to my second job...

This same guy asked if I wanted to "nanny" his children and help around the house after school until he and his wife got home from work. There were two elementary school aged boys and one of their girl friends. I helped them with their homework and played with them and I did a lot of ironing and dusting. I enjoyed it quite a bit. But then I got cast in the school play and I gave the job to my friend Maria and her sister Annie.

And my third - and probably most "real" - first job was at Arby's. My friend Vanessa's mother owned the restaurant and Vanessa worked there. She had been trying to convince me to apply there for quite some time, but I was really reluctant to work fast food. Finally, I decided I really wanted to start making some money and it would be cool to work with my best friend, and I knew her mom would be cool with scheduling. So I applied and got the job.

I was a junior in high school. I usually worked about 3 nights a week. I usually worked the front counter taking orders, then I was put on drive through. And when I was 18 the following year, I was one of the few old enough to be on the slicer so that's usually where I was stationed. My managers were great with scheduling. I very rarely worked a Sunday. I was able to make it to all my extra-curricular stuff like wrestling practice and play practice and pageant crap.

I worked there until I went to college and then during Christmas Break my freshman year in college. I think I was making $6.00 an hour when I finally quit. I still eat at Arby's, which is a good sign, right? I've always loved their roast beef and horsey sauce.

I hated washing dishes at closing. I was really slow at it and got sopping wet all the time. Oh, the restaurant would close at 10 pm on weeknights and it took us about an hour to close, so that made for some late school nights. We had lots of fun though. I still have a scar on my finger from when I cut it very deeply on the slicer. Once I sloshed hot fry oil onto my hands and forearms and got some pretty nasty burns. I tried to hide them from my manager so I wouldn't get in trouble for being careless. That didn't work. I had to have my mom come get me because I could barely move my hands.

Our uniform was black pants and black shoes and at first we had these teal cotton button-up shirts. Then we switched to forest green and maroon polo shirts. We had to wear a visor or a baseball cap. Not too horrible of uniforms. I still have fond memories and there's a manager there now who I actually trained ten years ago. It's fun to see him when I pop in.

So here's to Jamocha shakes and Beef'n'Cheddars!


Linds said...

My brother was a manager at an Arby's when he was in high school. He had the same teal shirt/uniform you did; just smelling it in the laundry was enough for me to swear off Arby's for good. I'm with you on the milkshake though.

Meagan said...

Mmmm! Beef & cheddar melts! We love Arby's.

Anonymous said...

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