Sunday, February 14, 2010

Journal Jar: Favorite Childhood TV Show

Did you have a favorite TV program as a child? Tell about it.

My favorite show was Saved by the Bell. It was on Saturday mornings at 9 a.m. I would watch it faithfully. I remember discovering it in sindication after school every day and I couldn't be happier. When my friends and I played "house" as kids, we'd always fight over who got to look like Kelly (did anyone else spend half their house-playing efforts deciding who they looked like or was it just me?).

We all wanted to be Kelly. We all wanted to date Zack. A few years ago, Justin bought me all the Saved by the Bell seasons. Love him dearly for that. "I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so...I'm so...I'm so scared..." Best episode ever. :)

I also got hooked on Days of Our Lives, thanks to my two teenage sisters. Remember when Carly was buried alive and Bo was in love with her? That was before Carly found out she was a princess and ran away with Laurence. Remember Isabella and Roman? And then Roman turned into Jon? And there was Jack and Jennifer. Loved them. And Carrie got burned by acid. And Sammie was bulimic.

Gotta love soaps.

A few other favorites included Growing Pains, Full House, Boy Meets World, and other TGIF staples. I always looked forward to Friday nights. My parents and siblings and I would all stay in, crowd on the couch, and watch the shows. Shows that appealed to the entire family. Do they even make shows like that anymore?


Jamie Boyd said...

Oh how I loved Zac. And I actually hated the "I'm so excited" episode. It was probably my least favorite. My most memorable episode was the Zac and Kelly break-up episode when they dance to "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You." In college, I karaoked the song and dedicated it to Zac and Kelly.

Jill Elizabeth said...

I LOVED Saved By the Bell! I got to the point where I could hear any snippet of dialog and tell you what episode it was from (with the exception, of course, of "Hey, hey, hey, what is going on here?).

Kristy Skoy said...

All Favorites of mine! I love tv shows from my childhood! They were the best! And you could watch them as a family!

Groff Family said...

Well, you know that they are all my favorites too. I have to say that I turned on Days of Our Lives the other day for the first time in about 10 years. Guess what? Carly was back! Bo was hiding her for some reason and Hope found out and got really upset. Don't know any more than that, but I remembered how much I loved Bo and Carly.

Your TGIF memories are a little different than mine. I do remember all those Friday night shows. However, I usually was "staying in" because I never got invited to the Friday night sleepovers that my friends had. So Dad would always make me a bowl of popcorn and put on the fun shows to help me feel better. Funny how it became a weekly occurrence, but every week it was for the same reason.


I'm so glad I'm not alone in the Saved By the Bell obsession. And Growing Pains truly was awesome. In fact, I think that show is still truly funny, not just cheesy/sentimental funny. My parents were crazy enough to let me have a TV in my room even though I was only 9 or 10 and you bet I was glued to the tv from Full House all the way through Step By Step and Urkel!!!!


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